Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The ancient capital -HEIJOKYO -World Heritage

Nara was the glorious capital, "like a fragrant flower in full bloom," as an ancient poet once described it. Nara was the cradle of the great Japanese arts and the essence of culture in the long-ago Tempyo Period. The old, world-famous temples anshrines of the province of Yamato (presently Nara Prefecture) have handed down to us their precious history.
The palace was called "HEIJOKYO", remained as "HEIJOKYUSEKI" about 3km west from Nara park or Todaiji.

Among others, the cathedrals of Todaiji, Kofukuji, Yakushiji, Toshodaiji and the Kasuga Grand Shrine are settings where one can encounter the rich, elegant ambience of the Tempyo Culture.  As you go through the corridors, and glance at the tiled roofs of these cathedrals, the Tempyo Culture will make you forget all about time and space, and will whisper to you about the old days of well over a thousand years as though they were yesterday.

In the year 2010, HEIJOKYO will reach its 1300th anniversaly.
We will organize a year through festival called "1300 NENSAI" and welcome people from all over the world by making as museums everywhere.

-Don't miss it!!

YOKOSO to NARA! Feel historical and cultural old capital here!




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